Proud Partners of TGE, the Victorian Government

Victoria’s Digital Technology Industry – TGE – Technology and Gadget Expo

Melbourne is Australia’s technology hub and is home to more than half of Australia’s top 20 technology companies.

Victoria’s ICT industry has over 8,000 companies, including many international firms such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel.

Proud Partners of TGE, the Victorian Government


New drone rules start today

New drone rules start today, allowing you to fly your sub 2kg drone commercially without the need to be certified, saving you both time and money.


Remember ThingMaker?

Remember ThingMaker? Mattel’s $300 3D printer that would let kids print out their own toys? Its ship date – which was supposed to be this month – just got pushed back another year, according to a report from Engadget. The toy maker says it needs the extra time to “enhance the digital functionality” in order to deliver the “most engaging” experience for its customers.


What’s Better Than Legos? Drones Made of Legos

THE FLYBRIX TEAM didn’t set out to build an adorable DIY mini-drone out of Lego bricks. But as any road-tripper can tell you, sometimes the journey turns out to be more fun than the destination.


Melbourne has stepped up its game in the city wars

MELBOURNE has stepped up its game in the city wars, today becoming the first Australian capital to offer free Wi-Fi across the CBD. From today, Melburnians and visitors will be able to access the “world class free Wi-Fi Network” the state government just dropped.


DJI has owned the Western drone market for a while

DJI has owned the Western drone market for a while, and for a dang good reason. DJI makes fantastic drones with some of the most advanced features on the market. With a little practice anyone can fly one and pull off the kind of photos and videos you used to need a film crew and helicopter to get. A week ago GoPro, the action camera king, announced its own drone and stole a bit of DJI’s thunder.